Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Let the right one in

The Albert look for the 1970's


Even a rabbit can achieve the Albert...


An immature manga Albert?

Artwork By Paul Kindersley

King, Queen, Knave (2009) installation by Paul Kindersley feat image of Axel from Harry Kumel's film Monsieur Hawarden, an Albert Spitting image...

Daughter of Darkness

Bob- check
collar- check

Jan + Kjeld

Albert music?

Oscar winning Costume designer Milena Canonero, rockin an Albert look

Great sandals guys....

Albert helping out his ladyfriends

The variety of mens neckwear- simple is always better....

High Fashin takes the ruffle neckpiece too far


Blonde bob- check
Frilly round collared shirt- check
Grey velvet shorts suit- Check
Black necktie- check
Knee high white socks- Check
Black sandals - check

GREY - the most wonderous colour

The runway loves it, so does Albert, so do you...

THE Albert look fully documented in Suspiria screen shots.....

Take these images to your local tailor... even a back view so the pattern can be perfectly copied...

Don't take the Dungeree look too far....

a little help from OshKosh B'gosh.....

Opening scene of Suspiria

Notice the Albert look has caught on in the airport.....the young boy on the left....

Alberts house....

Albert's inspration?

His wonderful aunt Madam Blanc

Consumption- illness of choice

Chopin- romantically consumptive

Victoria Children....always hit the nail on the head

Cosplay- getting close to the Albert ideal....?

Almost there.....

Udo Kier- also Star of Suspiria

Great Albert look in Andy Warhol's Dracula x

Daria Nicolodi

Daria Nicolodi The Genius behind Suspiria...... Here shown sporting a very Albert friendly look

Like the narrator of Roald Dahls 'The Witches' - Albert is always surrounded by women

Albert- feet not touching the ground

A bit small- but there he is... surrounded by his favourite women

Pierangelo Cicoletti

Pierangelo Cicoletti
Responsible for the costumes in Suspiria- obvs a genius

A feast Albert would feel at home at

From 1970's Valerie and her Week of Wonders (

Top marks for effort

So Albert, shame about the sloppy collar...