Saturday, 29 May 2010

Socks and Sandals- a more mature approach

NOT how to achieve the Albert look

cheap polyester jokes....

so close.....yet so far

one CANNOT buy bloodstained shoes- one must earn them....

Get a control of yourself girl

A bit to unstable but a collar Albert would aprove of as rocked by Isabelle Fuhrman as the Orphan (2009)

A bit too country casual but.......

Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe, bringing evacuee chic to the masses, a watered down version of Albert..... but still acceptable

Albert would NEVER be caught begging.....or singing

Oliver! 1968....the epitome of everything Albert! is not..

Mary Pickford- sporting a great way to feminise the Albert for all his female fans

Littel Lord Fauntleroy- the original Albert??

Freddie Bartholomew at the Little Lord in 1936

Perfect Littel Alberts all in a row....


Ahhhhhhhhhh how cute I hear you cry, its nevr too early to get dressing Albert styli....
From the 1989 film of Stephen Kings Pet Sematary...

Just William, an uncouth sloppy English version of Albert


NEVER over the knee


Serbia missing the mark when going for Alberts trademark do

Milan Stankovich trying for an Albert.....

Beachwear a la Albert

Albert grows up?

As seen on Bjorn Andresen in Death in Venice 1971 (

If only Christening outfits came in adult sizes!

Axel- Alberts long lost dutch cousin?

Xander Fisher as Axel channeling Albert in Harry K├╝mel's 1969 film Monsieur Hawarden (
No picture available- You'll have to watch the film to find out...?

Even Kirsty Alley couldn't save this tired over-styled lot i the 1990 Village of the Damned re-make, they've missed the Albert look completely!
If you haven't got what it takes, don't bother...

Village of the Damned (1960)

What a brilliant collection of outfits, and the personality to really pull it off- look no further than the 1960 original of Village of The Damned (
Perfect Albert clones the lot-o-them, great hair too!

Jacopo Mariani aka Albert showing how to rock a butchers knife

Move over Don't look Now dwarf--- Albert shows how its really done...

Some people just can't pull off the Albert look

Nice duffel and knife, shame about the face....

Some great shoe/sock combo's

Obviously friends of Albert

Luckily Albert doesnt get OLD....


Its just so damned hard to find a mens frilled collar....

Not perfect, but Albert can get the staff to make final adjustments


The predecessor of the Albert bob as rocked in 1973's The Candy Snatchers (

Nice Pyjama's

Courtesy of David Cronenbergs 1979 film The Brood (, with the brillinat Oliver Redd..... A ice casual look that Albert might try, after all it is the 00's - evryone needs a tracksuit... and with a cute hood...

Omen - O no!

A very bad Albert rip-ff, nice hat though.... always good to accessorize with crucifix's


Another film that knows how children should dress and behave- I'm sure Albert would be happy to have this yellow mac in his collection- would look good on anyone....

This pattern would do nicely thank you

Take tips from Evacuees

Evacuees- now they knew how to dress, think Narnia, but no horses- Albert doesnt like them....


The only place in London Albert would go for shoes!

Thom Browne

For high fashion Albert, look no further than Thom Browne.... summer looks and winter looks that Albert himself would be happy in...

Be careful

Fashionista's are trying (and failing) to replicate teh Albert look

Take hints from traditional clothing.....

Boys and girls alike can rock the sock/sandel look pioneered by Albert

A more casual Albert look

A superb 'Albert' look, knee high white socks and amazing sandals from 1975's Profondo Rosso

Albert was played by Jacopo Mariani ( who also rocked some wonderful looks in Dario Argento's 1975 film Profondo Rosso (

Who is Albert?

Albert with the staff (notice his two piece shorts suit and lace collar)

Albert is the name of Madame Blanc (the vice directress of the Dance Academy's) beloved nephew in Dario Argento's 1977 film Suspiria (
Never in cinematic history has there been a more exciting or important style icon....Here's how to get the Albert look...